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Truffling to Croatia

creamy truffle pasta

About three years ago we headed off to explore the North-Western region of Croatia. OK, we weren’t looking for a city escape but more of a relaxed villa rental in a remote location, somewhere to just lose ourselves…we happened to decide on Momjan, the vineyard region of Istria (South of the Slovenian border, about 1.5 hrs drive from Trieste airport in Italy). 

Momjan is as far away as possible from the tourist capital mecca of Dubrovnik in the South (we still want to visit Dubrovnik as it looks stunning, and the islands off the mainland look amazing!) but with it’s medieval castle (in ruins), local vineyards and an abundance of truffles, you could be forgiven for thinking that the world had quietly forgotten this small village of only a few hundred residences.

With only a local shop open for a few hours a day, one taverna in the main village and another down ‘the hill’ (a good 30 mins walk we might add), we were able to enjoy the serenity we were looking for…a decision we were uncertain of at first when we booked our villa in a place we had no idea of what to expect (and there wasn’t much to go by from our countless Google searches), but it was a decision we came to cherish in the end.

With some fantastic villages only a 15-30 minute drive away, some fairytale like perched atop hills steeped in Croatian history, with Venetian architectural influences, we’ve decided that the lust for home cooked fare from ‘Prelac’ taverna in Momjan village has got the better of us and we have decided to head there again this Summer, with friends in tow, to fill up on sun, relaxation and of course truffles (oh and the local vino). We’ve posted a couple of pics from 2010, the truffle pasta IS TO DIE FOR, the steak with truffle sauce is HEAVENLY, the truffle infused cheese is SUBLIME….ok we will stop…but I am guessing the next pics we upload from Momjan in August will probably look exactly the same as we are hoping nothing has changed, and in some strange way we think they wont have.

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