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The Making of Gucci

18th May 2012
gucci coffee table book

There are some great coffee table books out there, and regardless of your taste, there is something special about flipping through pages of a truly iconic brand…that also knows how to take a mean photo. 

The Making of Gucci book not only showcases Gucci as never before, but is filled with great images spanning the years since inception, with pull-outs/inserts of copies of memorabilia like: company registration forms, patent certificates, endorsement letters, etc, and we can’t forget images of all the classic products and models used throughout the years.

Not only a great read (yes it’s not all pictures) but something to be displayed for friends to pick-up and lose themselves in, if only for a decadent moment…after all, it’s Gucci darling!

Reviews about this product/merchandising are personal and have not been endorsed by the brand, nor has monies or complimentary items been provided by the brand. 


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