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Shakespeare’s Swan Song

9th October 2012
The Swan bar and restaurant

As quickly as it started it seemed to be over. Yes Planet Elldrew is talking about summer in London. But there is something still magical as the leaves start to turn brown and litter the pavements, the suns glare is exceptionally brighter with the contrast of looming grey clouds in the distance, crisp gushes of wind from side alleys attack the last of the holiday tourists as they grasp at their collar buttons. Autumn has arrived and us Londoners enjoy nothing more than the allure of relaxing in a warm and cosy pub. Chairs littered with coats and scarves as a log fire crackles and spits embers, the smell of roasting potatoes wafting from behind the kitchen doors as waiters buzz around the room as if on roller skates, a constant hum of relaxed banter with bursts of sporadic laughter fills the air, occasionally broken by the sound of clinking glass…all this takes place as the outside world seems to be going at a much much faster pace.

Well that’s what it felt like on Sunday as a group of us headed Bankside, along the River Thames, to The Swan bar and restaurant for a relaxed birthday lunch. Nestled right in front of the famous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre this elegant and industrial themed venue is light and airy, yet inviting and comfy at the same time, with an upstairs restaurant boasting some amazing views up the Thames.

Suckers for settling down at a pub on a Sunday, eating till you explode, occasionally trying to tackle the weekend crossword puzzle after one too many glasses of red…we really enjoyed The Swan and considering its location, quality of food and flow of pre and post theatre customers, we were pleasantly surprised with the final bill.

The roast beef was a sure winner, we had to ask for some extra Yorkshire puddings just because we love them that much, but the special beef stew was perhaps a clear leader with its thick and hearty stock, tender beef bursting with flavour, and you know the pheasant in the terrine is sourced from local markets when you find a bullet pellet on your plate (don’t let this put you off though as all is forgiven when it’s that good), oh and the sausage roll starter…OK we will stop. Yum yum yum!

We were feeling a little chirpy and bursting at the seams by the time we had finished our mains, but we could not resist trying a few items off the dessert menu – the cinnamon bread on the cheeseboard was heavenly and just worked so well with the blue cheese…genius!

So, because of the great food and service we just had to give The Swan a twelve thumbs up (guessing you can work out there was six of us for lunch), and a plug as we pinched the main image from their website because we were too busy enjoying ourselves to remember to take any more photos…we will be back sooner than you think!

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