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Grand Designs: Week Five

27th November 2012
home renovations week 5


Week 5 and the renovations have definitely taken a positive turn with construction at Elldrew Manor turning towards decoration. Alas, that means that most of the week seems to have been consumed with plastering, sanding, erecting of walls, positioning of pattresses (the box buried in the wall behind the light switch in case you didn’t know), and other relatively dull but important prep tasks. It also meant that most evenings it has taken Elldrew 1-2 hours of wondering if the builders turned up to realise what they had been doing all day. This week we have learnt patience and that lots of little tasks add up to one big one. 

In Week 5 we have also taken a respite from the dirt and dust to celebrate a dear friends birthday in Paris, and so we are currently writing this 195m under the English Channel accompanied by Champagne and croissants. A rather decadent way to start the day, we might have to try and convince mini-builders that they should be serving Elldrew this each morning! Itinerary for our day out will include a stroll along the 10eme arrondissement, lunch at the legendary Train Bleu and drinks at Floor 56 in Montparnasse. Elldrew are suspecting that we will not remember the journey home nor the famous “dancing cat” electricity pylons.

Elldrew also think that given the Paris break, the Champagne already consumed, and the fact their is little excitement to share on the home front, that we shall bore you no longer. Instead next week Elldrew shall present a special bumper seasonal blog…that is assuming progress is more evident and there is, at least, something worthy of a photo. And as you have probably guessed, heads were a tad sore on Sunday to post this update. Très Bon!!

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