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Star Trek: Into The Darkness

13th May 2013
Star Trek: Into The Darkness

Two words – LOVED IT. Being a Trekkie fan there is nothing better than seeing any instalment from the Star Trek franchise on the big screen. Visually spectacular, packed with heaps of action, this movie remains true to the brands core (pardon the pun). 

There’s no rocket science in the script, it’s like someone found an old tv manuscript and applied modern cinema technology to it (we didn’t see it in 3D unfortunately) but it has a good storyline, the cast are brilliant (not going to single anyone out as they all hold their own – great casting), love the little bits of humour thrown in from time to time and, dare we say it, I think I felt a tear [hides].

If you like Star Trek you are going to watch it, it’s a given. Not a fan, but happy to lose yourself for 2 hours in a parallel universe, then go see it, we hope you wont be disappointed.

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