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Venice, Oh You Stunner!

6th July 2013
Venice Italy canal

There is something magical about Venice that Elldrew just can’t put their finger on. This beautiful city, made up of 118 small islands, joined by canals and bridges, must be one of man’s greatest building achievements? Yes there are other amazing cities around the globe, but Venice just oozes character and charm, and one can just picture themselves, masked and roaming the alleyways during the Renaissance era, looking for adventure. 

This being our second trip to Venice, the ‘Queen of the Adriatic’ really turned on her charm with stunning blue skies and sunshine that illuminated it’s amazing Gothic style architecture. With its thin corridors and weaving walkways, the sound of gentle waves lapping its marble floors, it’s understandable why she has the title of one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Our first visit was for a wedding, it rained, it poured, it flooded (thankfully stopping for a few hours for the wedding – surely a good omen).

But with all great things, there is a downside. And that unfortunately is us, Elldrew, and yes everyone else that has every gone to marvel at her. Venice is a tourist city. Constantly crowded, bridges packed to capacity, you have to just join the slow moving herd of people as they make there way from one famous site to the next.

However, if you’re game, break away and go and explore deserted alleys, you just might find something amazing around the next corner – and you will welcome the break from the other tourists…what’s the worst that could happen? You reach a dead end at the canals edge and have to turn around and explore another direction!

Venice Italy streets

Venice Italy canal views


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