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Miss Bun NW5

13th March 2014

Miss Bun can’t be having fun stuck in the corner of what seems to be the smallest restaurant space on the planet. A sink to her left, a small portable electric cooker in front of her – one pot with boiling water, the other a frying pan. 

Add in a fridge and warming oven down the side of the room, a small bench for taking orders and holding chopsticks/napkins. Bench seating around the front window and side of cooking area, with just enough space to squeeze in six stools. Welcome to Miss Bun in Kentish Town (NW5).

Miss Bun does exactly what it says on the tin; she does buns. Not tinned buns, but lovely fresh homemade buns and dumplings, plus a small selection of other assorted steamed or fried pockets of Chinese street food. Add onto the menu a hotpot, some rice and noodles and you have Miss Bun. And as the adage goes “Keep it Simple” and Miss Bun does, and she does simple very well. Exceedingly well in fact.


On Elldrew’s afternoon visit we sampled a selection of the aforementioned buns; a classic fluffy Cha-Siu bun filled with roast pork, a steamed Har Kau prawn dumpling, a steamed Siu Mai pork dumpling and a pan fried chicken dumpling. Ranging between 2 and 4 pieces each, our light lunch came to the grand sum of around £15 (with a soft drink each) which was enough to fill us up – even though we were salivating for more, they were so delicious.


In a country currently obsessed with dim sum in all its forms Miss Bun deserves to be up there with the greats. Okay she might not quite have the Michelin star qualities of Yauatcha, but she is hands down better than the churned out mass market offering from places like Ping Pong (she is unable to offer their wide range of choice). Just don’t go in a rush; there is only one Miss Bun and there is only one cooker so order the lot and be prepared as you may have to wait – but it’s a wait that is worth it (she tends to cook to order so if you are caught behind some take-away dockets the wait will be even longer).

And a final word, when we say “order the lot” we mean it. Whilst we were there one couple came in and ordered just one portion of dumplings to share. Miss Bun didn’t look happy with them but, in fairness, they were taking up 33% of her seating space and merely sharing one very small dish for £3.00 (they did ask her what was good and she simply handed them the menu…we think they had wanted her to read it to them but Miss Bun had buns to attend to – ours in fact)!

322 Kentish Town Road NW5
T: 07473 511 055

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