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Boopshi’s Schnitzel & Spritz, London

30th September 2014
Boopshi's Schnitzel & Spritz menu

Looking for a delicious schnitzel & spritz this weekend in central London? We recommend you head to Boopshi’s for the great taste of Austrian cuisine. A trendy little restaurant with a fantastic vibe serving delicious cocktails, schnitzels, sausages and of course traditional sides. Perfect for a catch-up with friends or just to satisfy your carnivore cravings, lunch or dinner.

We tried: Veal Schnitzel and Spatzle ’n’ Cheese, Sauerkraut with Speck and a Potato Salad, Tangy Pickles finished with a sweet Sachertorte. The cocktails went down too easily so we suggest you head there and sample them, and the great tasting food.

Boopshi's Schnitzel & Spritz food

31 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JN

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