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Dietary Dining: Imaginative simple dishes

17th May 2016
vegan bread

Over the years Elldrew have blogged about lunch and dinner entertaining we’ve hosted, they’re always great fun and the perfect opportunity to catch-up with family or friends and try out new recipes. Last weekend we probably had our biggest challenge to date. To prepare a luncheon for guests who are vegetarian, gluten and egg free.

The removal of eggs and wheat pretty much eliminated all our tried and tested vegetarian friendly recipes, so it was time for Elldrew to raid the books and find a new set of suitable delicacies. Ironically it’s currently National Vegetarian Week…we timed that well didn’t we?

We had a great time planning and eating the meal, more than we thought we would, so we are going to post a few ‘star’ dishes as separate recipe blogs. Here’s a couple of snaps from the day, the table and menu was inspired by the warmer weather we had been experiencing in London, with a mix of cold and warm dishes to create a buffet for us to leisurely consume along with some refreshing glasses of wine and Aperol cocktails.

The lunch menu (for 4 if you can believe) included: Goats cheese and red apple stack / Roasted vine tomatoes in Balsamic vinegar / Spanish “Poor Man’s Potatoes” / Sweet & sour aubergine with chilli, garlic and mint / Melon, tomato, cucumber and mint salad / Fennel and parsley salad with an orange citrus and seeded mustard dressing / Steamed asparagus with rock salt / Gluten free Sourdough bread / Torta di Ceci (Tuscan chickpea tart) / Artichoke and thyme dip / Hummus / White chocolate cheesecake / Fresh fruit and a Cheese platter.

vegan lunch starters

vegan lunch dishes

vegan lunch vegetables

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