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Kiln Restaurant, Soho, London

14th November 2017
Kiln Restaurant

We FINALLY went (stumbled across it by accident on a shopping trip to be honest, but we had been itching to go for ages). We waited (not too long for a Saturday afternoon sitting, around 20 minutes) and we fell totally in love with Kiln, an open plan Thai-inspired restaurant using wood-burning ovens and grills to send out small delicious dishes. It’s no wonder Kiln has been voted 9th in the Top 100 National Restaurant Awards 2017.

Kiln restaurant kitchen and bar

The restaurants is cosy – bar seating on the ground floor (there is a lower floor but we didn’t look) – where you can soak up the Soho vibe listening to blues and jazz tunes, leaning a little closer to your neighbour when you hear an exciting snippet of conversation (you all do it!), or you can just zone out and watch the fast paced staff making cocktails or cooking and plating up dish after dish. We were memorised by Kiln’s burners that roared away, casting an amber glow from the kitchen, a perfect winter warmer that had us wishing we owned an open fire at home.

Kiln restaurant dishes

Great friendly staff, we even asked our server what her favourite dish was and it was reassuring that it was also ours (hint: Laap). We ordered five dishes, plus a tap beer and infused gin cocktail, costing around £25 pp with service. Our favourite Kiln dishes were the slow grilled chicken & soy, the aged lamb & cumin skewer and the pork jungle curry. The dish we could eat every day, for the rest of our lives, was the raw beef Laap. One word: divine!

Kiln restaurant thai dishes

58 Brewer Street, London W1F 9TL

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