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Travel Bag Fetish

15th April 2014
Louis Vuitton travel bag

We, well I, it’s all the same, have as bag fetish…a travel bag fetish in fact. There is something about a good looking travel bag that just stops me in my tracks, so you can imagine how much I was holding my breath when I came across the new Louis Vuitton Weekender! Promoted “to fit the spaces of the new BMW i8” (does that mean I must own the car before the luggage?), this new range is a blend of specially crafted carbon fiber and natural leather. It just oozes class and is so in need of some Elldrew lovin’. 

But, once the daydreaming passes, feel relieved in the realisation that there are other just as stylish travel bags available from many high street stores, at more sensible prices (£3,800 for the above is definitely a commitment, and doesn’t leave much change to pay for your actual getaway). Zara is constantly updating range of rucksacks, weekend, bowling and messengers, with from from £30 so come on guys, sport the look this Summer…even if it only means travelling from home to the office; they are too good looking to be left on the shop shelf!

Reviews about this product/merchandising are personal and have not been endorsed by the brand, nor has monies or complimentary items been provided by the brand. 


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