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Restaurant Ca’n BoQueta, Soller, Mallorca

25th July 2014
Ca’n BoQueta Restaurant Soller Mallorca

When you need a break from all the traditional Tapas on offer at the various bars and restaurants served in Mallorca, and indeed throughout Spain, and if you are in the mood for a mouth watering menu that will not fail to deliver, and of course you are in the quaint town of Soller, then you must stop by and sample all that Ca’n BoQueta has to offer. Ca’n BoQueta is one of those rare finds that have decided not to necessarily cater for the masses, but instead concentrate on cooking food, very well we might add, under the guise of a set ‘tasting menu’ that changes weekly. The menu is designed and developed only around seasonal products. 

Now Elldrew are not necessarily big fans of tasting menus, we’ve experienced a few and I assume we are like most people that don’t like all foods, we will enjoy about 90% of our meal, there will always be that one dish that just didn’t please the palate. This is true when we opted for the tasting menu for Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester (normally the fish dishes get Elldrew). But of course restaurants are happy to substitute any items you don’t like (within reason), or have an allergy to, and in fact, the menu at Ca’n BoQueta sounded so delicious that the only item substituted for Drew was the mushrooms.

The advantage of a set tasting menu is you know the price upfront, €27.50 per person, or €46.50 if you indulge in the pairing wine menu for each course (which of course we did and are so pleased we did!).

Our menu consisted of: Sobrassada (cured spanish sausage) and biscuit appetiser, White zucchini cream with mature Mahón cheese soup (poured at the table), Roasted vegetable salt cake with smoked cod, “Negrito” fish with mint and mushroom sauce (Drew had his substituted for a tomato sauce). Mallorca black pork with spicy orange sauce accompanied by apple and sautéed Sobrassada and a Cheese and ginger foam, melon sorbet and red plum sauce. The wines were a delicious mix of whites, a red and rosé to finish the meal.

Ca’n BoQueta Restaurant Soller Mallorca food

So the verdict? The food was simply stunning, and dare we say, better than Alain Ducasse. This restaurant deserves a Michelin Star. We left happy, full, discussing as we walked out whether or not to book the following evening (we didn’t as we agreed we needed to sample other locals restaurants whilst we were there).

Service was fine, we did probably arrive a little too early for most Spanish diners (8.00pm) so the restaurant was not really busy. OK we agree with other reviews we have read that the food seemed rushed and it was coming out very quickly – we actually asked our waiter to give us 15 mins before dessert – but by this time the restaurant had got really busy so it ended up being 30 mins wait, we didn’t mind, we were happy to chat, sip on our delicious wine and soak up the atmosphere in the outside seating area, trying to agree on which dish was the best…we couldn’t, we loved them all.

Great job Ca’n BoQueta, we are definitely visiting again next time we make it back to Mallorca.

Ca’n BoQueta
Avinguda de la Gran Via, 43. Sóller
Phone: 971 63 83 98
Closed Sunday evening and Monday

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