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Milk Beach Restaurant, Soho

We recently headed to Milk Beach, in the heart of Soho, which is the second London site of this modern Australian all-day dining restaurant.

The restaurant’s chic neutral beach-inspired interiors are a juxtaposition to the energetic grunge-like streets of Soho…Milk Beach provides a welcoming ‘laid back’ oasis in the busy metropolis, self billed as a spot to enjoy some delicious modern-Australian cooking (which we interpreted as a mix of Asian/Mediterranean inspired dishes, with an Aussie twist).

With Drew originating from Australia we were curious to peruse the menu; Drew wondered if childhood favourites like meat pies, chicken parma or Vegemite toast would be on offer, so it was reassuring to know that there was indeed a nod to some Aussie classics including a savoury chicken ‘Schnitty’, a Lamington cake and even a recreation of a ‘Golden Gaytime’ ice cream.

Dishes are created to be shared; like so many restaurants these days they’re delivered to your table as they are cooked, but we hugely appreciated the dish management by our excellent server, who ensured they came as courses rather than all at once.

We enjoyed the grilled hispi cabbage with a Vegemite bechamel and crispy onions, the delicious BBQ pork rib dumplings, a marinated ‘Schnitty’ with a fermented chilli mayonnaise and chicken salt chips, tasty Szechuan aubergine karaage, the crunchy and moorish prawn toast and the Char Siu pork with a rosti and fried egg.

The outstanding dish being a fantastic plate of barbie prawns in a fermented chilli butter with a Hong Kong style ‘typhoon shelter’ crumb!

Now we know what you are thinking…how did we both eat all of that food? To be honest, we originally went for dinner and then decided to go back with friends for lunch, so we got to try more dishes!

We really enjoyed our meal(s) at Milk Beach restaurant. The amazing staff kept our drinks topped up and the food coming whilst we sat back and soaked up the relaxed vibe. A welcome edition to Soho, surprisingly next door to Kapara restaurant, which we visited only a couple of weeks ago (read about that here). We think Milk Beach will draw punters far and wide and you never know, you might even spot an Aussie sheila or two!

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